Know The US Top Online Colleges Avail Education While Working


The colleges mentioned here give you the freedom of multitasking. You wish to expand your knowledge and still have time for your other important but daily chores, these colleges are answer to all your queries.

1. Walden University:

Walden University provides more than 75-degree programs that covers nursing, social work and communications. The courses provided are proven to be very flexible online programs; the university also gives the offer of selecting amongst individual courses, bachelor, master’s and doctorate.

2. Post University:

Post University offers the courses in the 8 week modules that come out to be very convenient to the online students. It also becomes a good option for the people who are working and yet want to take out time to study. As said earlier, divided in 8 week modules plus six times a year acts as a boon for all the people working. It also provides special discount to the people and families of military services.

3. Ashford University:

Ashford University is rated among the top 5 online universities. It has more than 50 bachelor and master’s degree options for the online students.

4. Independence University:

This University has been in the business of providing distance education and online programs to the working people for almost 30 years now. It provides freedom of education to everyone internationally.

5. Colorado University:

The University has been ranked as the 7th best online school in US. It provides excellent access to the discussion boards, assignments and exams through the RamCT Blackboard. It also provides student support services so that the online student never feels left out or alone.

6. Liberty University:

Liberty University is the US’s largest private non-profit online university. It was started in the year 1985. It has enrolled more than eighty thousand students from all over the world and also provides more than 160 online degrees. It also has the most flexible online classes for its students.

7. Kaplan University:

Kaplan University founded in 1937, and as a pioneer of online education, this university is a fully-fledged online higher education university. With a class of students limited to 15 to 21, it helps the students have ample time with the instructor.

8. Western Governs University:

this is another non-profit university that has received accreditations simultaneously by four different regional accrediting commissions. It helps the students to save money and time online as it charges lesser than other online universities and even the tuition classes are based on real-world competencies.

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