Tips For Developing Your Writing Style


“It’s good, but the tone is a bit formal. We want it to be more conversational.” 

“Keep it short and crisp.”

“Can you make it more engaging?”

You must have heard such feedback or suggestions from your clients. Many times, it happens that they like the information you have put in or the points you have covered in written communication but what they want from you is to change your writing style to suit their brand voice and customers’ needs.

So, what is writing style? A writing style is a voice and tone a writer uses to convey their message or idea. In short, it’s how you say the same thing differently from others. This is what makes everyone’s writing styles unique. The elements that factor in include the way you use words, sentence structure, level of formal tone, and overall approach to writing a content piece.

However, how different your writing style may be, here are some elements that every good writer should include in their writing style:

  • Simple words
  • Short sentences
  • Engaging language

But can you develop a writing style or shift to a different one? Absolutely! Writing is as much a skill as it’s an art. And by following these tips, you start improving your writing style.

Tips for developing your writing style

Be direct in your approach

Have you ever come across a proposal scene in movies? You may have noticed how the character proposing experiences something magical and how their heart starts beating loudly. The emotions and feelings add to the feeling and make the act of telling “I love you” more enchanting.

As a writer, it’s best to avoid that approach when you are engaging in written communication. Don’t use fillers or repeat ideas. Say what you mean in the most direct way.

Be careful with your words

While keeping a direct approach, make sure you choose simpler vocabulary that your audience might be familiar with. Use a thesaurus to search for more apt and simple words that are easy to understand and convey your message rightly without confusing your audience or needing to look for a thesaurus themselves.

Keep it short

The more verbose or wordier it is, the less interest it holds. Short sentences are easier to read and understand in one go. And it’s something that readers appreciate. Don’t pack too much into one sentence or a paragraph. Try to convey only one idea or message through a sentence. The same applies to a paragraph. Each paragraph should contain the same idea throughout.

Choose active voice 

You may have heard this advice before: use active voice unless it’s grammatically or contextually incorrect. Active voice makes your content more interesting and engaging to read. Passive voice, although grammatically correct, is a less effective way of presenting the information.

Use your natural conversational tone

Every writer has their unique voice and way of conversation. Maintain that natural voice in your writing as well. In short, write as you would normally converse minus clichés and filler words. Your writing style should give a glimpse of your personality.

These are some effective tips and strategies that’ll help you develop your writing style. However, if you feel your writing skills need greater polishing, enrolling in an online short course is a great way to move forward.

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