Is The Master Of Business Administration Right For Me?


A Masters’ of Business Administration, or MBA, as it is commonly called, is a professional and accredited degree that is issued after completion of a two-year program. It was created in the United States in the early 20th century during the age of industrialization when companies began to believe in taking a more scientific approach to management. The program basically covers all areas of business management including accounting, operations, and marketing.

Sounds impressive? It is, however, is attaining an MBA a wise career move for you? Even if you are not planning on taking over Wall Street anytime soon, you will find that there are several advantages afforded to those that hold an MBA. Here are five reasons to consider going back to school:

The Potential For Higher Salary

If you spend some time researching the average salaries of those individuals that have completed their MBAs and contrast them with those who have only associates’ or bachelors’ degrees, you will find a startling difference. In almost any work setting, MBA graduates are usually more heavily-compensated. This statistic not only includes take-home pay but also job-related benefits.

The Opportunity To Start Your Own Business

fter earning an MBA, many graduates start to feel the entrepreneurial nudge. Since they have more training in the areas of financial handling, business planning, and management, they have a significant leg up on their competition. After all, most start-ups are run by inventors and those with novel ideas that have no idea how to run a business. These operations either fold quickly, or they require the expertise of someone that already mastered the practices and acquired the knowledge required to run a company smoothly. They tend to hire someone with an MBA to do just that.

Better Opportunities In The Workforce

Maybe you do not want to run your own company and prefer to work for someone else. With an MBA, you are sure to find a field that you are interested in, and, even more importantly, you are sure to find a company that is interested in you.

Having an MBA opens you up to an even wider and diverse field than any other degree. Just think about it, in school, you have already been trained in subjects such as statistics, information and technology, economics, and human resources. This makes your point of view invaluable to the right company. You can even take these skills and find meaningful and stable employment working for non-profits or the government.

The Chance To Gain Knowledge

After studying for your MBA, you will find that you have gained a certain enlightenment when it comes to certain subjects. This especially applies to any day-to-day dealings within the business world. While many employees will spend most of their career pondering and wondering why specific decisions are made for the company, you will understand the reasons behind such corporate moves. With an in-depth view of how businesses survive and thrive, you will reflect on the lessons you learned and how they actually apply in the real world.

The Chance To Enhance Your Own Personal Development

Once your MBA is complete, you will feel like a whole new person, finally understanding the business world and all of its idiosyncrasies. You will learn mutual respect, communication skills, and how to proceed with extra professionalism. You will come to adjust your mind in a way that understands cause and effect, public policies, supply and demand, and how to appeal to the human psyche. In other words, you will change your perception and your critical thinking skills for the better.

Do you think an MBA degree is something that may fit with your future plans? If you do, you are in luck. There has never been a better time to go back to school than now since most universities offer full time, part time, evening, weekend, and online courses. So, if the above-listed reasons sound good to you, look into getting your MBA today.

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