Things to check out in order to write a good essay


In the following post you find the essential points if you are interested in writing an essay. If you do not know where to start, perhaps these indications will make you decide to throw your writing project “on paper”. Often in fact online you can find advice on how to write literature, but fewer indications on the essay.

With this very short article I hope to be useful to those looking for information on this subject. You can also use these general guidelines to write a manual: in this case you are freer and you can use these points to help you in drafting without being particularly binding as regards the structure / scaffolding of construction of the work.

How to write an essay

For this purpose it may be useful to write for yourself a short synopsis, a summary of what the book will deal with. In this way you will not go off topic and you will always be clear at what point you are, where you come from and where you are going with the writing. Furthermore, you will know from time to time what documents, texts or data you need. Regarding these, write the bibliography right away, so you will not lose any title or link, which you will have to indicate at the end of the text.

Set to whom the text is addressed

Is it a specialist or media culture audience? Knowing this, you will establish the linguistic register to be adopted. If it is a popular manual, you will write with a medium register. Third: clarify to yourself the purpose of the writing. If you have this in mind, you will also have a general guideline on how to deal with the topic and you will know what direction to take. Fourth: decide the point of view. Argument-example: talk about agriculture. Ask yourself where you want to see your theme: on the farmer’s side? Fifth: choose the style to be adopted. In the essay clarity comes first of all, together with correct information.

You can use a nice style if you want, but one is linear and clear. If the topic is very technical, being dry and essential may be the best strategy; fundamental here is the security, reliability and updating of sources. In the essay you must describe, illustrate, and defend a thesis / opinion. Always add data, studies on the subject, examples and practical solutions. The essay is composed of: thesis and its refutation, antithesis and its refutation; final / conclusions.

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